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Successful pinhooking requires good knowledge, judgement and luck, whether you are looking to buy a yearling to sell as a two-year old, or starting with a weanling to sell as a yearling. I will guide you through the process.
What is Pinhooking? 

The definition of pinhooking is the practice of buying livestock cheaply in the expectation of selling it on later for a profit (hopefully!).

In the Thoroughbred industry this is typically done by purchasing a weanling with the intention of selling it at one of the yearling sales in the fall or purchasing a yearling and selling it in the “Two-year old in Training” Sales the following spring.

Knowledgeable advice


Both of these opportunities require an extensive knowledge on the development of young horses, the market value, any potential updates in their pedigree and an understanding of how the horses will be received at a future sale.

As a frequent attendee of the all the sales, Alistair has a broad experience and can honestly advise you on where he sees a thoroughbred that has potential and could be worthy of investment.

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