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Buying or Selling a Racehorse

When investing in a racehorse it is important to understand the risk and cost involved. The initial purchase of the horse is just the start.
Seeing your own horse win or watching the morning work-outs at the track, is all part of the thrill that drives this industry. However it is important to have a team in place that you trust, to help navigate some of the pitfalls and enhance the opportunities and experiences available.
Public Sales

Racehorses are most commonly purchased at public auction as a yearling in the fall or as a two-year old in training, in the spring of their two year old year.


Alistair is available at all the major sales. He has experience purchasing horses at all price levels and can assist placing those horses with the trainers and circuits to which they are best suited.

Private Sales

Racehorses are also purchased privately. With his vast contacts across the country, Alistair meticulously studies the races daily to see which horses are showing potential and are worth considering for clients who are looking to purchase privately.

Similarly, if you have a horse that you are looking to sell, Alistair can advise you on the best way to accomplish this. Frequently it will be through public auction, but with his own portfolio of clients and trainers, private sales can be lucrative solution for both parties.

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