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Mare & Mating Management

The Thoroughbred racing industry starts by mating mares with the main objective being the production of a racehorse. As with all aspects of this business there are different options to take into account. Most importantly is each client’s long-term goals, either to race or to sell. Other considerations would include the quality of the mare and the amount of stud fee that mare justifies.
Hands-on Experience to Call On

Many of the years that Alistair spent hands-on, was in the stallion barns at Gainesway and Vinery and assessing their stallions offspring.

He would also assist clients in matching up their mares with the stallions available to him on the roster.


Now as an independent agent Alistair is no longer restricted to a one farm roster. He annually inspects all stallions’, particularly first year stallions, before recommending a mating.


With knowledge of your mare, her pedigree and the conformational traits of her foals, Alistair can recommend stallions that will highlight the best attributes from both the sire and the dam, taking into account the market trends, commercial stallions and budget.


The growth and development of a foal is crucial to the ultimate success in the sale ring and on the track. Alistair can recommend boarding farms and will regularly examines the foals, communicating with the farm as any issues arise.


Alistair would be happy to assist mating your mares and acquiring the seasons, at no cost to you. Commission is paid by the stallion farm.

Please feel free to contact him at any time!

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